Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dalkeith at Last!!

We arrived, safe and sound, in Dalkeith a town 6 miles outside Edinburgh on Thursday. This is our new 'home away from home' as from here we only take day trips until our departure for home on July13. Dalkeith House is an imposing palace; it has a very important place in history as kings and rulers have been here often since the first dwelling here was noted by William the Conquerer back around 1069. It was thoroughly rebuilt (though on some of the same foundations) back in 1701. 

The accommodations are pretty amazing, even if we are packed 4 to a room! 
Friday we had a full day of class lectures (and here you thought it was all fun and games) but followed it up with a pizza party hosted by some local friends of Lee. They even created a quiz bowl game for knowledge of Scotland. I would like to point out that I won with 25 correct out of 30, but the winning prizes went to the best undergraduate team with 19. Lee's team also had a score of 19 (wink).
We have had a walking tour of Dalkeith and our first trip into Edinburgh. This weekend some of us went golfing, some went to Loch Ness, and most of us enjoyed finally being settled in one place. The coming week will bring many new sites to visit and classroom time; students have already been given assignments for both classes. There really is actual academic learning going on! I should know, as I will be grading soon enough (unhappy face)...

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