Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Edinburgh Day Trip

After a few hours of my fascinating musings on the economic and social development of Great Britain (ok, that just means we had class and I lectured for a few hours) and we had our fill of the gory deaths of William Wallace, Edward II, and the maudlin periods of the great famines and plagues, we headed off to Edinburgh. We jumped onto the hop on hop off bus tour.

We will be revisiting several of these sights in the coming days, including a full tour of the castle, Holyrood Palace, and a few others. 

The students had a sort of scavenger hunt worksheet through the Royal Museum of Scotland, so after one full rotation of the hop on hop off tour, e bade goodbye to our very using and informative guide. 

We got off at the Royal Musuem for a trip through this recently renovated, and seriously cool, museum. As an example, one question asked about the large item in the Victorian main hall that looked like a flashlight, can you guess what it is?

After searching high and low, students were free to find supper before meeting at Mary Kings Close for a spooky, but absolutely authentic trip back in time to one if the most famous 'closes' of Edinburgh. It was covered over and used as a foundation for a government building  but was recently reopened for tours. It was a great day. 

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