Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bodies, Beheadings, and Bling

Geoff, our intrepid tour guide, met us this morning for a brief tour 'redux' that first took us to see the esteemed Jeremy Bentham- well his body anyway. One of the fathers of economics, a brilliant thinker even if he thought THIS was a good idea fir his body:
We then moved on to the changing of the royal horse guards, talk about 'bling' - these guys put Hollywood's costume designers to shame!

The guard change was rather stately ... 

Then we were off to see the changing of the house guards (bands, furry hats and all), couldn't see much as the crowds were huge. But, after a brief respite for lunch, we met up at the Tower of London. 
for a Beefeater tour. He told us of grisly Beheadings. Too gruesome to relate!

The afternoon was free and the living was easy in the land of heavenly chocolate. 

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