Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Second Day in York

Our second, and last full day, in York began at the hostile with a crowded breakfast. Our group assembled and walked to the York Castle Museum for an interesting look at the history of York from the Victorian period onward. 

After the serious stuff, there were places to play...

After a short break we met at York Minster for a tour. 

Several of the students took the 275 step, 25" wide stairs to the top of the tower for the spectacular view. 
We met up again for a very scary trip through York Dungeon-the scariest part was that they depict actual events, such as the hanging of Dick Turpin, the Blood Eagle, Witch Burning, the Plague, etc in a very realistic manner. Ask Kristy, Leah, or Joe how it felt, as they were singled out by the actors to play parts in the grisly scenes-not to worry, as the place has a saying "fear is a funny thing"!
We went our separate ways for dinner, though some if us went to the Golden Fleece Pub, known as the most haunted pub in York. Notice our fellow pub patron 

Also, don't worry as it is quite alright to have supper in a pub without drinking beet or even being over 18. Below is a pic of my dinner- the local speciality- giant Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef and gravy. An awesome way to end our last night in York. 

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