Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things Got Interesting...

We had a water incident at the hotel this morning; a student managed to leave the faucet running when he got up to use the 'loo' at 3 am. Unfortunately, the drain got plugged and the sink overflowed, running into the neighboring room, down to the floor below and even the floor below that. The neighbor alerted management at 4am and at that point, the 'joy' began. By the next morning we had run up quite a bit of damage!

Even with the excitement, we got our hired coach at the appointed time. When arrived at our Cambridge hotel, the rooms were not ready. That was not unexpected as we arrived at 9:45am, however, we had booked a walking tour to pick us up at the hotel lobby to while away the time...but we found ourselves waiting, and waiting, and waiting. The tour guide finally arrived at 1pm! 

The walking tour was ok. Cambridge is a pretty incredible city, founded by some academics that left Oxford several hundred years ago. There are now 31 separate colleges, each with their own specialities and 'personalities'.  

King's College chapel was spectacular. 

From the chapel we want on a punting tour (that was also late, though only 15 minutes or so). 

From there, the rest if the day was free. 

As it is Sunday, the pubs are serving roast beef with Yorkshire pudding - a dinner fit for kings indeed!

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