Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend Travel

We rearranged a few things, let lectures run long (don't they always?), and managed a free weekend, but only on the condition that students do something educational and write two papers on it (one for each class). 
Four of our students headed for Stockholm, several jumped on a plane for Dublin and I took the opportunity to grab a cheap, last minute flight to Prague with my son. Since arriving, we took a dinner cruise on the Vlotava. 
The history and scenery here is amazing. 

And, it is even better from the river as some things can only really be appreciated from there (one of the castle walls, for instance, that one would just not appreciate from other perspectives).

We also took your basic bus tour, which was rich in historical information. Like that the bridge in the picture was built in 1357, with the corner stone set in May 13, 5:31 am. 
Then, just for fun we took a Segway tour! 

On this tour we saw "other" treasures of Prague. The John Lennon wall (he never visited here, by the way):

The "babies"

And then, there was this interesting fountain...

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